North Coast Yehliu Geopark


     Being located in northern Taiwan, the North Coast Geopark has many attractions, reminding people of a crown decorated with jewels. That is why it is called “the Crown Coast”. Paying a visit to the Crown Coast, you will see a variety of natural and cultural landscapes, such as Bai Sha Wan beach, Shimen sea arch, and Jinshan Candlestick stone. The northern coast is governed by North Coast National Scenic Area Administration and Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration. Main geosites include Guanyinshan, Linshanbi, Shimen, Yehliu, Jinguashih, Bitou Cape – Long Dong, Sandiao Cape, and Guishan Island.

     The North Coast Geopark has splendid landscapes and grotesque-shaped rocks that reflect differential weathering and erosion. With the increase in tourism and its close proximity to densely populated Taipei metropolitan area, endless streams of tourists flood in during public holidays and at weekends. 

     Guanyin Mountain is part of Datun volcano and is categorized as an irregular volcano in shape. There are in total 18 connected volcanoes in the Guanyin Mountain. In the existing topography we can observe terrains developed by different physical processes, such as ancient lava flows, volcanic breccia and ancient volcanic ash deposition. On the hilltop of Guanyin Mountain, we can overlook major landscape types of Taiwan, including alpine, hill, basin, tableland, fluvial plain, mountain, and coastal landscape. One cannot help but be amazed at the compactness, intensity and diversity of the landscapes of Taiwan.

     Yehliu Geopark is the first site in the Northern Coast transformed and run according to the UNESCO values of geopark. In 2007, it was merged into the North Coast Geopark by the Tourism Bureau. As a retreating eroded coast, Yehliu Geopark has diverse coastal landscapes. Its major landscape is cuesta, sea cliffs and abrasion platforms. Visitors can observe sandstone of Talio formation and various weathering landscapes. It is the best environmental education site for eroded coasts and the most visited tourist spot along the north coast.

     Yehliu is a headland stretching about 2 kilometers into the sea. In Yehliu Geopark, we can observe many micro-landscapes. Ginger rocks, chessboard rocks, mushroom rocks, sea arches/ notches and candlestick-shaped stone are just some examples of weathered grotesque rocks under spotlight. Fossils and trace fossils are commonly found in the park as well. They are particularly interesting to school kids. The scientific and environmental significance that these landforms represent should be promoted with good practice of environmental education. 

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