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Distribution of the World Geopark

          Through networking activities and experience sharing, the purpose of GGN is to help members promote the benefits and significance of geoparks. Workshops, study groups and conferences provide the geopark members with the opportunity to promote the concept of geoparks. For example, by sharing geo-tourism management in geoparks, better practices for environmental conservation can be achieved. With sharing like this, not only can we learn from experiences but we can share the ways to improve individual problems of various geoparks.

     With regular global conferences and sharing and interaction, GGN provides a platform for geopark experts, professionals and community members, to make public the important geology, landscapes and environment of each geopark, to exchange experiences and knowledge among geoparks, and to better the local economy. 

        GGN makes possible the implementation of protection policies for geological heritage and creates a local geo-related economy that aims to provide sustainable livlihoods to local residents. The means include geo-tourism, geo-products and socio-cultural activities to make local communities even more sustainable. Until April 2019, there are 147 geoparks (of 41 countries) enlisted on the global geopark list. There are still uprising and aspiring geoparks waiting to become global geoparks.

        The Global Network of National Geoparks, created under the aegis of UNESCO in 2004, now numbers 147 Geoparks in 41 countries around the world.
Members of Global Geoparks Network (2019) 
Austria(3) Brazil(1) Canada(3)
China(39) Croatia(2) Czech Republic(1)
Finland(1) France(7) Germany(5)
Germany/Poland(1) Greece(5) Hungary(2)
Iceland(2) Indonesia(4) Ireland, Republic of / 
Northern Ireland(1)
Republic of Ireland(2) Italy(10) Japan(9)
Korea(3) Malaysia(1) Norway(2)
Portugal(4) Romania(1) Slovenia(1)
Slovenia - Austria(1) Slovakia-Hungary(1) Spain(13)
United Kingdom(6) Vietnam(2) Netherlands(1)
Turkey(1) Cyprus(1) Uruguay(1)
Belgium(1) Denmark(1) Morocco(1)
Iran(1) Thailand(1) Mexico(1)
Tanzania(1) Chile(1) Ecuador(1)