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World Geopark List

List of UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGp)
In April 2019, the UNESCO’s Executive Board approved the designation of eight new sites demonstrating the diversity of the planet’s geology as new Geoparks.
The Executive Board also approved the extension of three existing Geoparks.
With this year’s additions, the number of sites in the Global UNESCO Geoparks Network is brought to 147 in 41 countries. 
No. Countries Name  Global Geopark Network Designated Year UNESCO Global Geopark
 Designated Year
Main features
1 Austria Ore of the Alps UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N47°22'12'', E013°11'60''
Area: 211 km2
Major landscapes: plateau glacier, rounded hills
2 Styrian Eisenwurzen UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N47°04'12'', E015°29'27''
Area: 586 km2
Major landscapes: High mountains up to 1000 m in elevation, broad valleys and Intense karstification landscapes
3 Belgium Famenne-Ardenne UGGp   2018 Localisation: N50°9'35''N; E005°13'20''
Area: 915 km2
Major landscapes: the northern Famenne, a large depression with schistose substratum, the southern Ardennes, a vast plateau mainly composed of sandstone rocks and, the central ‘Calestienne’, a calcareous bedrock topography rich in karst phenomena.
4 Brazil Araripe UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: S07°13'46'', W039°24'32''
Area: 3,441 km2
Major landscapes: important geological records from the Lower Cretaceous period between 90 and 150 million years ago, especially in its paleontological content

Percé UGGp   2018 Localisation: N48°31'18''; W064°13'01''
Area: 555 km2
Major landscapes: cliffs, islands, beaches and bays
6 Stonehammer UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N45°34’46”, W065°32’40”
Area: 2,500 km2
Major landscapes: rugged coastline
7 Tumbler Ridge UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N54°59'24'', W121°22'48''
Area: 7,822 km2
Major landscapes: the rugged mountains and foothills of the northern Canadian Rocky Mountains
8 Chile Kütralkura UGGp (new 2019)   2019 Localisation:
Area: 8,053 km²
Major landscapes: volcanic landscapes with diverse ecosystems of forests, wetlands, high Andean prairies, scoria fields and areas of high, barren peaks
9 China Alxa Desert UGGp 2009 2015 Localisation: N38°51'25'', E105°43'47''
Area: 630.37 km2
Major landscapes: desserts
10 Arxan UGGp   2017 Localisation: N47°10'27", E119°56'20"
Area: 3,653.21 km2
Major landscapes: Abundant geomorphological landforms (volcanoes, granite peaks and rivers) and water landscapes (natural springs, volcanogenic lakes, scenic river reaches)
11 Dali-Cangshan UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N25°46'48'', E100°42'00''
Area: 933 km2
Major landscapes: Metamorphic rocks, glacial landforms
12 Danxiashan UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N25°02'25'', E113°44'16''
Area: 292 km2
Major landscapes: Characterised by multi-layered red sedimentary rocks of sandstone and conglomerate; landform development with deposition, uplifting, weathering and erosion landscapes
13 Dunhuang UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: N40°13'59'', E092°52'60''
Area: 2,067 km2
Major landscapes: the Yardang-Desert-Gobi landforms
14 Fangshan UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N39°43'59'', E115°55'02''
Area: 954 km2
Major landscapes:The well-developed surface karst landforms and many caves are typical representatives of North China’s landscape and are of great interest. Tower-shaped mountains and curtain like mountain ranges.
15 Funiushan UGGp (new 2019) 2006
Extended in 2019
2015 Localisation: N33°26'06'', E112°10'53''
Area: 1,522 km2
Major landscapes: toothed granite mountain of the primary tectonic period, the laccolithic mountain of the extension period; the "Wuxingshan" landscapes of subduction granites; the unloading and break-up of the collisional granites; and the stone pillars and peak clusters of the crust-mantle mixed granites. The karst landscape formed on a base of carbonate tectonic rock with fracture belts of mylonitized marble.
16 Guangwushan-Nuoshuihe UGGp   2018 Localisation: N32°18′42″; E106°38′11″
Area: 1818 km2
Major landscapes: karst landforms, waterfalls and ponds
17 Hexigten UGGp 2005 2015 Localisation: N43°14'49'', E117°30'12''
Area: 1,750 km2
Major landscapes: ranite forest area, granite mortar area, volcanic landform area, glacial vestige area, thermal spring area, river valeys and sand land areas. 
18 Hong Kong UGGp 2011 2015 Localisation: N22°21'50'', E114°22'30''
Area: 150 km2
Major landscapes: Acidic columns, diverse coastal landforms and a wide range of sedimentary rocks
19 Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp   2018 Localisation: N30°43'46''; E115°03'13''
Area: 2625.54 km2
Major landscapes: Weathering and erosion 
20 Huangshan UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N29°41'26'', E118°19'34''
Area: 160.6 km2
Major landscapes:  granite landscape
21 Jingpohu UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N43°58'23'', E129°02'04''
Area: 1,400 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landscapes
22 Jiuhuashan UGGp (new 2019)   2019 Area: 139.7 km2
Major landscapes: Granitic fault-block landforms 
23 Keketuohai UGGp   2017 Localisation: N47°19'05", E090°01'35"
Area: 2337.90 km2
Major landscapes: granitic geomorphologic landscape
24 Leiqiong UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N19°56'37'', E110°12'39''
Area: 3,050 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landscapes and lava structures
25 Leye Fengshan UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N24°34'11'', E106°44'26''
Area: 930 km2
Major landscapes: karst landforms
Longhushan UGGp
2008 2015 Localisation: N28°06'04'', E116°57'57''
Area: 996.63 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landforms and tectonic landforms
27 Lushan UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N29°33'30'', E115°59'09''
Area: 500 km2
Major landscapes: quaternary glaciations, horst fault-blocking, metamorphic core complex structures and water erosion landforms
28 Mount Kunlun UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N35°49'12'', E94°52'48''
Area: 7,033 km2
Major landscapes: complicated crustal evolution, ocean development, as well as ocean-land transformation, developing a tectonic mix of Mesoproterozoic-Neoproterozoic-Jurassic strata
29 Ningde UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N26°39'41'', E119°31'35''
Area: 2660.34 km2
Major landscapes: miarolite landform, volcanic landform, erosion riverbed landform, and erosion coastal landform
30 Qinling Zhongnanshan UGGp 2009 2015 Localisation: N33°51'05'', E108°47'01''
Area: 1074.85 km2
Major landscapes: the orogenic geological heritage and the Quaternary geoheritage which includes landslides and Quaternary glacial relics
31 Sanqingshan UGGp (new 2019)  2012
Extended in 2019
2015 Localisation: N28°48'22'', E117°58'20''
Area: 229.5 km2
Major landscapes: granite landforms
32 Shennongjia UGGp 2013 2015 Localisation: N31°44'43'', E110°40'52''
Area: 1022.72 km2
Major landscapes: mountainous landforms, structural landform, fluvial landform, karst landform and glacial landform
33 Shilin UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N24°45'20'', E103°16'47''
Area: 350 km2
Major landscapes: karst landforms
34 Songshan UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N34°29'22'', E112°55'15''
Area: 464 km2
Major landscapes: the clear contact interfaces of angular unconformity and typical tectonic deformation
35 Taining UGGp 2005 2015 Localisation: N26°53'55'', E117°10'36''
Area: 492.5 km2
Major landscapes: mountain, hill and basin landforms
36 Taishan UGGp (new in 2019) 2006
extended in 2019
2015 Localisation: N36°16'01'', E117°04'16''
Area: 158.63 km2
Major landscapes: Komatiite and Precambrian multiphase intrusive rocks and a typical Cambrian section, neotectonic movement and distinct landforms 
37 Tianzhushan UGG
2011 2015 Localisation: N30°31'28'', E117°03'31''
Area: 413.14 km2
Major landscapes: majestic peak clusters of granite, collapsed and stacked landform and stone-egg landform
38 Wangwushan-Daimeishan UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N35°15'57'', E112°34'17''
Area: 986 km2
Major landscapes: Wangwu Mountain, Daimei Mountain and the Yellow River Valley
39 Wudalianchi UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N48°28'55'', E126°12'10''
Area: 720 km2
Major landscapes: Volcanic landscapes
40 Xingwen UGGp 2005 2015 Localisation: N28°18'35'', E105°03'19''
Area: 156 km2
Major landscapes: karst landforms
41 Yandangshan UGGp 2005 2015 Localisation: N28°21'07'', E121°05'40''
Area: 298.8 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landforms
42 Yanqing UGGp 2013 2015 Localisation: N40°42'53'', E116°24'00''
Area: 620.38 km2
Major landscapes: karst landforms
43 Yimengshan UGGp (new 2019)   2019 Area: 1804.76 km2
Major landscapes: the landscape is dotted with clustered, castle-shaped land formations protruding from the horizon
44 Yuntaishan UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N35°17'41'', E113°14'58''
Area: 556 km2
Major landscapes: rifting tectonics, and spectacular landscapes formed by hydrodynamic processes, in combination with its natural ecologic and cultural relic scenery.
45 Zhangjiajie UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N29°18'50'', E110°26'24''
Area: 398 km2
Major landscapes: sandstone peak forest landforms
46 Zhijindong Cave UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: N26°45'00'', E105°55'59''
Area: 170 km2
Major landscapes: karst landforms
47 Zigong UGGp 2008 2015 Localisation: N29°19'29'', E104°45'56''
Area: 1,630.46 km2
Major landscapes: Jurassic terrestrial strata, salt production

Papuk UGGp 2007 2015 Localisation: N45°31’11’’, E017°46’04”
Area: 524 km2
Major landscapes: volcanism and sedimentation landforms
49 Vis Archipelago UGGp (new 2019)   2019 Area: 6661 km2
Major landscapes: island landforms
50 Cyprus Troodos UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: N34°58'49'', E32°50'46''
Area: 1,147 km2
Major landscapes: The mountains are covered by natural forests and agricultural fields, vineyards and orchards
Bohemian Paradise UGGp 2005 2015 Localisation: N50°35'50'', E15°07'02''
Area: 742 km2
Major landscapes:  volcanic features such as columnar jointing, volcanic tubes, lakes and veins
52 Denmark
Odsherred UGGp
2014 2015 Localisation: N55°49'48'', E011°34'48''
Area: 355 km2
Major landscapes: glacial landform

Imbabura UGGp (new 2019)   2019 Area: 4794.34 km²
Major landscapes: volcanic complexes, lakes, waterfalls, geological faults, mines, archeological remains, and cultural heritage
54 Finland Rokua UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N64°34'43'', E026°30'06''
Area: 1,326 km2
Major landscapes: The landscape consists of a changing, varied mosaic of thousands of geological formations, including drumlins, hummocky moraines, terminal moraines, esker ridges, kettle holes, ancient shorelines, dunes, ravines and bogs
55 France

Beaujolais UGGp
  2018 Localisation: N45°58′59′′; E004°43′00′′
Area: 1550 km2
Major landscapes: moors, pastures and woods on acid or calcareous soils, bogs, altitude wetlands and peri-fluvial grassland
56 Causses du Quercy UGGp   2017 Localisation: N44°34’19”, E001°41’11”
Area: 1,855 km2
Major landscapes: The limestone plateau with karst landforms
57 Chablais UGGp 2012 2015 Localisation: N46°22’25’’, E006°28’39’’
Area: 872 km2
Major landscapes: a large number of lakes and a wealth of renowned mineral waters
58 Haute-Provence UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N44°06'31'', E006°17'13''
Area: 2,300 km2
Major landscapes: a great quantity of geological unique hotspots (ammonite slab, bird footprints. landscapes.)
58 Luberon UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N43°52'31'', E005°26'08''
Area: 1,953 km2
Major landscapes: Oligocene fossiliferous deposits 
60 Massif des Bauges UGGp 2011 2015 Localisation: N45°41'15'', E006°06'21''
Area: 856 km2
Major landscapes: karstic networks, deep and narrow canyons and waterfalls
61 Monts d'Ardèche UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N44°38'06'', E004°15'34''
Area: 2,280 km2
Major landscapes:  volcanic hills, gorges, rushing streams and torrents
62 Germany
Bergstraße-Odenwald UGGp
2004 2015 Localisation: N49°32'11'', E008°34'07''
Area: 3,500 km2
Major landscapes:  the landscape varies from agriculture (Rhine valley) and farming (Crystalline Odenwald) to forestry (Bunter Sandstone Odenwald).
63 Harz, Braunschweiger Land UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N52°16’05”, E010°49’57”
Area: 11,500 km2
Major landscapes:  unique landscape with numerous deposits (iron ore, brown coal, salt, oil) came about here as a result of the elevation of salt structures
64 Swabian Alb UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N48°30'60'', E009°24'15''
Area: 6,688 km2
Major landscapes: Karst landforms and Swabian Volcano
65 TERRA.vita UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N52°15’60”, E008°03’00”
Area: 1,560 km2
Major landscapes:  a huge end-moraine structure in the northern part, sand hills
66 Vulkaneifel UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N50°12'24'', E006°50'10''
Area: 1,220 km2
Major landscapes: a hilly land-scape with deep, glacially carved valleys cut into old Devonian sediments (360-415 million years old). Volcanic landforms

Chelmos Vouraikos UGGp
2009 2015 Localisation: N38°08'47'', E022°10'18''
Area: 647 km2
Major landscapes: lakes, caves, deposits
68 Lesvos Island UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N39°12'42'', E025°51'18''
Area: 1,636 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landforms, faults and landscapes created from tectonism, caves and karstic structures, erosional forms, waterfalls and coastal landforms.
69 Psiloritis UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N35°17'32'', E024°52'53''
Area: 1,159 km2
Major landscapes:  karstic landscape
70 Sitia UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: N35°10'01'', E026°07'00''
Area: 517 km2
Major landscapes: Zakros Mountains dominating the landscape and the lace-like coastline all along the shores
71 Vikos - Aoos UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N40°01'02'', E020°42'43''
Area: 1,200 km2
Major landscapes: gorges, rock towers, rivers, stone bridges, traditional architecture and thermal baths
72 Hungary Bakony–Balaton UGGp 2012 2015 Localisation: N46°58'35'', E017°55'43''
Area: 3,244 km2
Major landscapes: diverse endemic species of molluscs, gorges and karst plateaux; volcanic remnant hills 
73 Iceland Katla UGGp 2011 2015 Localisation: N63°37'50'', W019°37'16''
Area: 9,542 km2
Major landscapes: majestic waterfalls and islands protruding from the sandplains of the lowland. Glaciers are prominent in the landscape covering the highest mountains, and volcanoes in the area, with subsequent glacial formations: outlets, moraines and ice-dammed lakes, glacial rivers
74 Reykjanes UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: N63°58'23'', W022°31'00''
Area: 825 km2
Major landscapes: fissures, lava fields and geothermal activity
75 Indonesia Batur UGGp 2012 2015 Localisation: S08°24'34'', E115°22'30''
Area: 370.5 km2
Major landscapes: a complete volcanic landscape with caldera walls, cones and craters, geothermal phenomena (fumaroles, hot springs), a lake, lava flows, pyroclastic flows and tephra.
76 Ciletuh - Palabuhanratu UGGp   2018 Localisation: S06°46'07”; E106°31'34”
Area: 1260 km2
Major landscapes: Volcanic, weathering and aberration process landscape
77 Gunung Sewu UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: S08°02'38'', E110°46'34''
Area: 1,802 km2
Major landscapes: a classic tropical karst landscape
78 Rinjani-Lombok UGGp   2018 Localisation: S08°12'10''; E116°45'58''
Area: 2800 km2
Major landscapes: diverse landscapes from savannahs and semi deciduous forests to lower montane evergreen forests and tropical montane evergreen forests.
79 Iran  Qeshm Island UGGp   2017 Localisation: N26°49'01", E055°54'38"
Area: 2,063 km2
Major landscapes: erosion landscapes
80 Ireland Burren & Cliffs of Moher UGGp 2011 2015 Localisation: N52°59'47'', W009°23'21''
Area: 530 km2
Major landscapes: glacially-smoothed karst limestone hills contrast with dramatic sea cliffs
81 Copper Coast UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N52°08’19”, W007°20’32”
Area: 50 km2
Major landscapes: glacial erosion and deposition
82 Italy Adamello-Brenta UGGp 2008 2015 Localisation: N46°07’09”, E010°45’08”
Area: 1,188 km2
Major landscapes: The landscape shows evidences of the glacial morphogenesis that has intensely remodeled the area and also of the karstic phenomena, in the Dolomites group, both at the surface and at depth.
83 Alpi Apuani UGGp 2011 2015 Localisation: N44°02'28'', E010°22'03''
Area: 494 km2
Major landscapes: mountainous territory of great geo-environmental value

84 Beigua UGGp 2005 2015 Localisation: 44°25'40.78"N;  08°35'12.83"E
Area: 392 km2
Major landscapes: the Beigua massif dominates the coast
85 Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N40°16'50'', E015°22'21''
Area: 1,841 km2
Major landscapes: Quaternary postorogenic deposits
86 Madonie UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N37°52'00'', E014°04'44''
Area: 400 km2
Major landscapes: karstic morphologies
87 Parco Geominerario della Sardegna UGGp 2007 2015 Localisation: N40°07'15'', E008°33'50''
Area: 3,800 km2
Major landscapes: mesas with sequences of sedimentary, metamorphic and magmatic rocks
88 Pollino UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: N39°55'52'', E016°07'34''
Area: 1,925 km2
Major landscapes: the area consists of several massif mountains
89 Sesia Val Grande UGGp 2013 2015 Localisation: N45°59'28'', E008°20'36''
Area: 2,023 km2
Major landscapes: landscapes includes a diverse association of rocks from the deep, middle and upper crust
90 Rocca di Cerere UGGp 2004 (first designation); 2008 (second designation after new application) 2015 Localisation: N37°30'53'', E014°22'41''
Area: 1,298 km2
Major landscapes: gypsum-sulphur plateau with sandstone peaks.
91 Tuscan Mining Park UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N42°57'17'', E010°50'32''
Area: 1,087 km2
Major landscapes: predominantly hilly area, covered by extensive forested areas
92 Japan Aso UGGp
2014 2015 Localisation: N32°00'00'', E131°00'00''
Area: 1,198 km2
Major landscapes: Volcanic landscapes
93 Itoigawa UGGp 2009 2015 Localisation: N37°49'55'', E139°14'02''
Area: 750 km2
Major landscapes: From coastal to alpine landscapes

94 Izu Peninsula UGGp   2018 Localisation: N34°32'42"; E138°42'18"
Area: 2027 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landscapes with mountains of low to moderate elevations
95 Mt. Apoi UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: N42°06'28'', E143°01'31''
Area: 364.3 km2
Major landscapes: coastal and mountainous landscapes
96 Muroto UGGp 2011 2015 Localisation: N33°14'46'', E134°10'38''
Area: 248.2 km2
Major landscapes:coastal landscape on the subduction process
97 Oki Islands UGGp 2013 2015
Localisation: N36°08'45'', E133°10'19''
Area: 673.5 km2
Major landscapes: Volcanic and coastal erosion landscapes
98 San'in Kaigan UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N35°38'33'', E134°40'50''
Area: 2,458 km2
Major landscapes: diverse landscapes including ria type coasts, sand dunes, sand-bars, volcanoes and valleys
Toya - Usu UGGp
2009 2015 Localisation: N42°35'29'', E140°50'14''
Area: 1,181 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landscapes
100 Unzen Volcanic Area UGGp 2009 2015 Localisation: N32°46'06'', E130°20'41''
Area: 459.52 km2
Major landscapes: active volcanic landscapes
101 Malaysia

Langkawi UGGp 2007 2015 Localisation: N06°19'47'', E099°48'56''
Area: 478 km2
Major landscapes: a combination between highly vegetated hills of rainforest and some rather barren rocks.
102 Mexico Comarca Minera, Hidalgo UGGp   2017 Localisation: N20°08'37", W098°40'26"
Area: 1,848 km2
Major landscapes: a rugged relief, with altitudes in the range of 1300 – 3200 meters above sea level and is crossed by the volcanic ranges of Pachuca and Las Navajas
103 Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca UGGp   2017 Localisation: N17°31'05", W097°20'32"
Area: 415.4 km2
Major landscapes: diverse landscapes related to erosional-depositional processes and landforms associated with the millenary intensive use of land for farming purposes such as: gullies and badlands, mass wasting features, lamabordos and palaeosols. Other geosites include plutonic and tectonic structures (dikes and sills, faults) and outcrops featuring spheroidal weathering.
104 Morocco M'Goun UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N31°30’00”, W006°27’00” 
Area: 5730 km2
Major landscapes: Valleys, natural curiosities, fossilised footprints, engravings and authentic Berber villages
105 Netherlands De Hondsrug UGGp 2013 2015 Localisation: N52°55'50'', E006°49'31''
Area: 1,000 km2
Major landscapes: ridges, ancient river valleys pingo remnants, dead ice depressions and erratics 
106 Norway

Gea Norvegica UGGp
2006 2015 Localisation: N59°08'12'', E009°59'51''
Area: 3,000 km2
Major landscapes: The surface and landscape is sculptured through the Quaternary glaciations
107 Magma UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N58°26'50'', E006°03'08''
Area: 3,000 km2
Major landscapes:  glacial ridges, huge magma chamber in a coastal landscape; anorthosite moon landscape with huge blocks and caves; coastal caves cut out of solid rock, old mining sites
108 Trollfjell (new 2019)   2019 Localisation:
Area: 10,082 km2
Major landscapes: erosion landscapes; horizontal plateaus, known in Norway as ‘strandflats’;
109 Peru Colca y Volcanes de Andagua UGGp (new 2019)   2019 Localisation: 15°56'S; 72°17'W; 15°03'N; 72°23'
Area: 6010.91 km2
Major landscapes: erosion and volcanic landscapes with deep and large canyons 
110 Portugal

Açores UGGp
2013 2015 Localisation: N37°44'28'', W025°40'32''
Area: 12,884 km2
Major landscapes: Volcanic landscapes
111 Arouca UGGp 2009 2015 Localisation: N40°55'56'', W008°14'42''
Area: 327 km2
Major landscapes: mountains carved by narrow valleys
112 Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N39°48'16'', W007°29'34''
Area: 4624.4 km2
Major landscapes: flat topped tectonic-faulted blocks deeply incised by rivers and streams, deep valleys, and ancient landscapes, such as the 50 million-year-old Meseta Meridional peneplain, the quartzitic crests and gigantic white ramparts that rise from the plateau and represent the ancient Ordovician ocean. 
113 Terras de Cavaleiros UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N41°32'24'', W006°58'12''
Area: 700 km2
Major landscapes: mountainous, lakes, ancient fluvial geomoand active faults
114 Republic of Korea

Cheongsong UGGp
  2017 Localisation: N36°26’10”, E129°03’25”
Area: 845.71 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landcapes 
Website: http://http//
115 Jeju Island UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N33°29'59'', E126°34'05''
Area: 1,847 km2
Major landscapes: volcanic landforms are well preserved such as lava tube caves, small volcanic edifices, volcanic shield, etc
116 Mudeungsan UGGp   2018 Localisation: N35°08'03"; E126°57'20"
Area: 1051 km2
Major landscapes: The sites range from five large colonnades composed of Mudeungsan Tuff, formed by volcanic activity to extensive periglacially-produced block streams and cryoplantation surfaces, unusual microclimatic environments within talus accumulations, dinosaur footprints and trackways, and a variety of other geological and geomorphological features such as lengthy scenic cliff-lines and waterfalls.
117 Romania Haţeg UGGp 2005 2015 Localisation: N45°36'27'', E023°22'44''
Area: 1,024 km2
Major landscapes: The relief has an amphitheater shape with a central piedmont plain, with terraces and meadows surrounded by the picturesque mountain chains

118 Slovenia Idrija UGGp 2013 2015 Localisation: 294 km2
Major landscapes:  the terrain has a typical thrust structure

Basque Coast UGGp
2010 2015 Localisation: N43°17'45'', W002°21'16''
Area: 89 km2
Major landscapes: coastal and karst erosion landscapes
120 Cabo de Gata-Níjar UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N36°47’22”, W002°14’14”
Area: 500 km2
Major landscapes: domes, lava flows, columnar jointing, alluvial fans, coastal cliffs, dykes and fossilized reefs constructions.
121 Central Catalonia UGGp 2012 2015 Localisation: N42°28'00'', E001°49'18''
Area: 1300 km2
Major landscapes: ancient littoral fan deltas and karst landscapes
122 Conca de Tremp-Montsec UGGp   2018 Localisation: N41°10'01"; W000°53'42"
Area: 2050 km2
Major landscapes: mountain belts
123 Courel Mountains UGGp (new 2019)   2019 Localisation: 42.715N, 42.32N ; 7.023W, 7.42W
Area: 577,85 km2
Major landscapes: high mountain ranges; deep river valleys; canyons

124 El Hierro UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N27°43'32'', W018°01'27''
Area: 595 km2
Major landscapes: Volcanic landscapes with 500 open craters and another 300 lava flows.
125 Lanzarote and Chinijo Islands UGGp 2015 2015 Localisation: N29°03'00'', W013°35'60''
Area: 2,500 km2
Major landscapes: underwater and moon-like landscapes, pristine water, thirsty land, palm-tree oasis
126 Las Loras UGGp   2017 Localisation: N42°47'21"; W004°15'44"
Area: 950.76 km2
Major landscapes: a peculiar landscape where limestone cliffs and significant high altitude moorlands alternate with gorges and deep valleys sunk by the existing river system.
127 Molina & Alto Tajo UGGp 2014 2015 Localisation: N39°16'46'', W003°05' 52''
Area: 4,520 km2
Major landscapes: plateau and mountain ranges
128 Sierra Norte de Sevilla UGGp 2011 2015 Localisation: N37°42'44'', W005°38'04''
Area: 1774.84 km2
Major landscapes: the karst and mine complex; the Valley Syncline, the crag-land landscapes; mines and quarries
129 Sierras Subbéticas UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N37°14'52'', W004°18'24''
Area: 320 km2
Major landscapes:
130 Sobrarbe-Pirineos UGGp 2006 2015 Localisation: N42°22’07”, E000°10’13”
Area: 2,202 km2
Major landscapes: the landscape has been shaped through morphogenetic processes, mainly glacial, periglacial, karst and rivers, all of them active in varying degrees
131 Villuercas Ibores Jara UGGp 2011 2015 Localisation: N39°27'07'', W005°19'39''
Area: 2544.4 km2
Major landscapes: ridges, hills and mountains, faults, river valleys, places with special geomorphological features such as synclines and anticlines, mines, and paleontological deposits
132 Tanzania
Ngorongoro Lengai UGGp
  2018 Localisation: S01°40'43''; E036°36'34''
Area: 11.886 km2
Major landscapes: the mancala holes are made in the earth, especially on the hard exposures found in crater floors and on top or around small hills around the area. 
133 Thailand Satun UGGp   2018 Localisation: N07°05´55‘‘; E099°49´33‘‘
Area: 2597 km2
Major landscapes: spectacular pinnacle karst landscape, including a stunning sea cave and hidden lagoon.
134 Turkey Kula Volcanic UGGp 2013 2015 Localisation: N38°36'34'', E028°28'31''
Area: 300 km2
Major landscapes: landscapes are dominated by converging plates, subduction collision related geodynamic process. 
135 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

English Riviera UGGp
2007 2015 Localisation: N50°27'22'', W003°33'15''
Area: 104 km2
Major landscapes:   stunning, rolling hills, marine karstic features 
136 Fforest Fawr UGGp 2005 2015 Localisation: N51°55’51”, W003°24’21”
Area: 763 km2
Major landscapes: wooded valleys, caves, lakes and misty mountain tops
137 GeoMôn UGGp 2009 2015 Localisation: N53°16’08”, W004°20’03”
Area: 1,800 km2
Major landscapes: pillow lavas, coastal landscapes, folds and faults
138 North Pennines AONB UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N54°47’17”, W002°25’01”
Area: 1,938 km2
Major landscapes: wild moors, remote hills, broad green valleys and scattered stone-built settlements
139 North-West Highlands UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N58°08’09”, W005°15’05”
Area: 2,100 km2
Major landscapes: mountain and coastal landscapes
140 Shetland UGGp 2009 2015 Localisation: N60°33'36'', W001°05'55''
Area: 1,468 km2
Major landscapes: north-south ridges of hills, valleys with  sandy coastal areas
141 Uruguay
Grutas del Palacio UGGp 2013 2015 Localisation: S33°16'44'', W057°08'44''
Area: 3611 km2
Major landscapes:  extent plains between small hills with low slopes and flat terrains
142 Viet Nam
Dong Van Karst Plateau UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N23°11'32'', E105°11'49''
Area: 2,356 km2
Major landscapes: high mountains and deep canyons, karst landscapes
143 Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp   2018 Localisation: N22°42'31''; E106°19'55''
Area: 3000 km2
Major landscapes: karstic evolution cycle with classic landforms e.g. peak-cluster depressions, cones and towers, old and active caves with magnificent speleothems, closed and interconnected valleys, underground and surface rivers including a ‘turlough’ lake system, and one of the world’s largest waterfalls located on an international border. The western part features sedimentary rocks, pillow basalts, ultra-mafic and granitic intrusions rich in minerals and hydrothermal alterations
List of transnational UNESCO Global Geoparks
144 Austria & Slovenia Karawanken / Karavanke UGGp 2013 2015 Localisation: N46°30'15'', E014°46'21''
Area: 1,067 km2
Major landscapes: Mountain chains
145 Germany & Poland
Muskauer Faltenbogen / Łuk Mużakowa UGGp

2011 2015 Localisation: N51°34'13'', E014°43'35''
Area: 578.8 km2
Major landscapes: part of the North-Central European ice age landscape; the load of the glacier caused subsoil compaction down to a depth of about 300 m while deforming the horizontal successions of sand, gravel, clay, and lignite beds of Tertiary age. The unconsolidated rock masses in front of the glacier piled up to form a terminal moraine; deep valley with numerous meanders and terraces. 
146 Hungary & Slovakia Novohrad-Nógrád UGGp 2010 2015 Localisation: N48°09'58'', E019°48'55''
Area: 1,587 km2
Major landscapes: a wide spectrum of volcanic sites of spectacular sights, and several landscape protection are-as and other territories
147 Ireland & United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Marble Arch Caves UGGp 2004 2015 Localisation: N54°15'31'', W007°30'53''
Area: 180 km2
Major landscapes:  a classic, glaciated landscape comprising of extensive uplands that have been smoothed down by successive ice sheets