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The East Coast Geopark or also known as East Coast Xiaoyeliu Geopark is located in the Southeastern Taiwan, about 5km to the north of Taitung County and extends from north to south. With an area of approximate 4.394 km2, the geopark is a combination of coastal mountain rocks and the layers which have recorded the evolution of Taiwan.

The East Coast Xiaoyeliu Geopark includes Fugang Sandstone which is the largest exotic block of Lichi Melange with area of 4km2.  It is also composed of volcanic regions with rapid declines in the accumulation of thick sediment, and sediment generated by plate collision. Here is an idea place to observe scattered coral reefs around and on volcanic rocks and how they were slowly uplifted.

Situated at the 159-kilometer mark which is near the southern end of the East Coast National Scenic Area, Xiaoyeliu (Little Yeliu) possesses a rich variety of spectacular rock formations similar to those found at Yeliu on Taiwan's North Shore. That explains for its name of Xiaoyeliu meaning Little Yeliu with the similar landscapes to those in Yeliu on Taiwan's Northeastern Coast. With its outstanding geological features, annually, this Geopark attracts both scientists and tourists from all walks of Taiwan and the world.