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Community Involvemnet

In Yenchao, agriculture and tourism are now the two main sectors of economy. Agriculturally, soils in this badland originated from mud volcanoes with slight gray quality, containing sodium (sulfates) and magnesium oxide are suitable for guavas, jujubes and grapefruits. Guava trees take up 1600 ha and can be harvested in the whole year. Jujubes are a specialty of Yenchao in winter. Grapefruits, guavas and sweet jujubes (dates) are regarded as the three treasures of Yenchao.

Regarding to tourism and environmental education, all major sites at Yenchao has convenient accessibility to enhance its potential. Landscape and environmental interpretation are a thriving activity as the local cultural association takes the lead in educating local community members to become capable interpreters. The combined development of tourism and environmental education is the center of the landscape economy, where the local interpreters develop excellent interpreting materials and monitor the area’s changing landscape (Lin & Su, 2019).

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