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Traffic and Contact Information

 Sanzhi is embraced by hilly lands and sea. Waterwheel parks depicting agricultural technology, beaches along Qianshui Bay (Qianshuiwan), terrace fields, bike paths and local delicacies will make you fall in love with Sanzhi! Sanzhi is also where many artists settle down for their lifelong residence and set up their workshops.  You may find comprehensive tourism information and friendly service at Sanzhi Visitor Center in which a gallery of Famous Sons of Sanzhi is located.  Come visit Sanzhi to explore more attractions!
The abundant geographical resources of the Northeast Coast offer surprises at each and every corner. In a way, the Northeast Coast is in fact a miniature projection of Taiwan, as it developed from an area of sunken land on the coast of South China that was then pushed up from the seas into a mountainous island. This was a period of great changes, a time of fierce evolution that has carved itself into Longdong Cape's ancient and adamant sandstone walls, and recorded itself into Bitou Cape's sediment beds. 

Source:  Yehliu Geopark(

Driving Information
North Coast
1.Taipei→Shilin→Zhuwei→Hongshulin→Provincial Highway No.2→Sanzhi→Shimen→Jinshan→Wanli
2.National Expressway No.1→Wugu Interchange→Expressway No. 64→Wugu(northbound)→Guandu Bridge→Zhuwei→Hongshulin→Provincial Highway No.2→Sanzhi→Shimen→Jinshan→Wanli
3.National Expressway No.3→Xizhi→Wanli→Jijin interchange→Provincial Highway No.2→Wanli→Jinshan→Shimen→Sanzhi
1.National Expressway No.1→Wugu Interchange→Expressway No. 64(northbound)→Guanyinshan Interchange→Sec. 3, Lingyun Rd.→Guanyinshan
2.Taipei→Shilin→Dadu Rd.→Guandu Bridge→Chengtai Rd.( County Highway No.103)→Lingyun Rd.( Township  Highway No.53-1)→Guanyinshan
For Motor-bikers
North Coast
1.Taipei-Shilin-Guandu-Zhuwei-Honshulin-Highway 2-Sanzhi-Shimen-Jinshan-Wanli
2.Taipei-Yangde Boulevard-Yangjin Highway-Balaka Highway (101-A)-Beishin Road (County Road 101)-Sanzhi-Shimen-Jinshan-Wanli
3.Taipei-Yangde Boulevard-Yangjin Highway-Jinshan-Shimen-Sanzhi
1.Taipei-Shilin-Dadu Road-Guandu Bridge-(to Sanchung and Wugu)-Chengtai Road (County Road 103)-Linyun Road (Township Road N-53-1). Follow the signs to get to Guanyinshan.
Public Transportation
If you are from Taichung or Kaohsiung, you can take a train of HSR or TRA to Taipei Station, and transfer to the public transportation means of MRT or buses.
1.Taiwan High Speed Rail
2.Taiwan Railways Administration
When you are in Taipei, the MRT Tamsui Line is a convenient choice for visiting North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area. Remember to transfer to a bus to see the beautiful sceneries of the North Coast.
1.Metro Taipei
Taking a bus to visit all the scenic spots on the North Coast or the ecology-rich Guanyinshan is very convenient.
Kuo Kuang Bus    Tel: 0800-010-138、886-2-2383-2783    
Keelung Bus    Tel: 0800-588-010、886-2- 2432-3185、886-2-2433-6111    
Danshui Bus(Tansui Bus)    Tel: 0800-002-277、886-2- 2621-3340    
Sanchong Bus (Sanchung Bus)    Tel:0800-090-607、886-2-2292-1629    
Royal Bus    Tel:0800-551-687、886-2-8295-7022

Driving Information
1.Go north on National Freeway No. 1. In Keelung city take Provincial Highway No.2 and arrive at Northeast & Yilan Coast National Scenic Area.
2.Go north on National Freeway No. 1 and take the Nuannuan Ruifang interchange and Provincial Highway No. 62. Head through Rueibin and arrive at Northeast & Yilan Coast National Scenic Area.
3.Go north on National Freeway No. 1 and take National Freeway No. 4 through the Nangang system. Take Shrding interchange, then take Highway No. 106 of New Taipei City, and before arriving at Shifenliao take Highway No. 38 of New Taipei City to Shuangxi and arrive at Fulong of Northeast coast.
4.Take National Freeway No. 3 and transfer to National Freeway No. 5 (Yilan). Then take Toucheng interchange, transfer to Province Highway No. 2 – E and then Provincial Highway No. 2, and arrive at Northeast & Yilan Coast National Scenic Area.
5.Take Provincial Highway No. 2, go to the city through Keejin road and Anyi road, and arrive at Northeast & Yilan Coast National Scenic Area.
6.If you are in Taipei, take Provincial Highway No. 9 (Beiyi Highway), go to Toucheng through Pinglin, and then transfer to Provincial Highway No. 2 – E. Then go in Toucheng and arrive at Northeast & Yilan Coast National Scenic Area.

Public Transportation
Keelung Bus
Take bus at Keelung Bus station in Keelung city. Frequency: one bus every 30 minutes to one hour. 
KUO-KUANG Motor Transport Company Ltd. 
Taipei→Luodong‧Luodong→Taipei‧Yilan→Shuangsi(including Shuangsi→Toucheng)  
Station                                     Telephone Number
Taipei Northern Station                  02-25595698
Keelung Station                              02-24222624
Yilan Station                                   03-9322067

North Coast& Guanyinshan National Scenic Area